McMinnville Gas has joined United Propane Autogas Solutions Group for motor fuel conversions to use for converting gasoline vehicles to propane auto gas. It’s encouraging to see continued investment in propane auto gas throughout our industry. With affordable dispensing infrastructure and easy-to-adapt conversion technology, fleets are able to experience a positive return-in-investment in a year or two and help clean the air utilizing the cleanest fossil fuel available.

Out industry has installed more than 800 fueling facilities in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, propane companies have converted, or participated in supplying auto gas, to more than 10,000 auto gas vehicles, including buses, in North America, helping them run on clean-burning propane and sales are increasing monthly. In the past year, propane companies collectively displaced 45 million gallons of gasoline and produced $70 million in fuel-cost savings for the 550 fleets they serve.

Recent innovations in dispensers and filling hardware, such as ultra-low emission filling nozzles and Safe Connect vehicles valves, give the operator the ability to fill the vehicle faster than with gasoline without the need for any personal protective devices. McMinnville Gas runs all of its delivery trucks, service vehicles, and sales vehicles on propane auto gas. Contact our Salesman Ryan Buller for any pricing needed in converting your fleet of vehicles.

Within three years, more than half of the outdoor power equipment dealers will be offering commercial propane mowers to their landscape contractor customers according to a recent survey commissioned by (PERC). One out of four dealers currently differentiate themselves from surrounding dealerships by offering commercial propane mowers to their customers. The overall opinion of commercial propane mowers was overwhelmingly positive, the survey found. The survey showed the industry needs to do a better job educating dealers about how propane can reduce at-the-pump and operational cost compared to gasoline when you factor in propane fuel contracts, increased productivity, and reduced spillage and pilferage that comes with a closed source like propane. Many of the dealers not currently selling propane equipment didn’t know there are state and federal incentive programs routinely available for purchasing a commercial mower.

Global crude oil production leaders Russia and Saudi Arabia are reported to have agreed to act in tandem to stabilize world oil output. Oil rose back toward $50 (U.S.) per barrel after Saudi Arabia and Russia struck this deal stabilizing the Crude oil market, which fell from $115/bbl in mid-2014 to less than $28/bbl earlier this year gained nearly 5% before settling around 2% higher at $47.50/bbl. The energy leaders believe the energy market has taken too long to balance out. It’s been two years, and joint steps which were considered earlier this year, including a production freeze, could be a great help in helping to balance the markets as soon as possible. The supply of oil around the world still exceeds demand, putting downward pressure on prices. This is good for propane & gasoline customers however not good for refinery production facilities.

Weather is changing and winter is on the horizon. McMinnville Gas will have its delivery trucks out filling all of our customer tanks this month. Service crews are busy setting tanks at new customer’s homes and getting heating equipment repaired for the coming winter. Any upgrades in heating equipment should be done now before winter cold hits. Call our salesman Ryan Buller for any needed pricing or questions on heating equipment improvements. Be sure if you are a budget participant that you are paying the monthly payments and any balances outstanding for gas and tank rents are paid in full. Thank you for your business this past summer.

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