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Family owned and operated since 1946, we are a third generation propane gas supplier in the greater Northwest for over 70 years.

Certified Company

We have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2016 and have an A+ rating as a propane gas company.

#1 Supplier in Region

We have one of the largest propane farms in the Northwest keeping you warm throughout the winter with less risk of outages.

Best in the Market

We are a full service propane provider offering customers a fair price with as little fluctuations as possible.

About Mcminnville Gas

We pride ourselves on being a full service propane provider, which means equipment, installation, maintenance, and supply of propane. We offer our customers a fair price with little fluctuations as possible from winter to summer. Our storage facility (one of the largest in the northwest) allows us to keep our customers warm through out the winter with less risk of outages. We pride ourselves on our service department, which is well trained and has tons of experience when it comes to propane installations and maintenance.
No.1 in Oregon
BBB A+ Rating
Leading Service

Our Service Areas

Mcminnville Gas Company has been serving the Willamette Valley for over seventy years. We serve Washington, Yamhill, Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Multnomah, and Columbia County.

What Our Customer Say

  • Davida B. AvatarDavida B.

    5 star rating McMinnville Gas set a tank, installed a tankless water heater and hooked up my gas cooktop. The Service guys Ron and Joel did a great job. The salesmen /owners John and Ryan were very thorough on my costs. I highly recommend them. - 4/03/2020 

  • Terri R. AvatarTerri R.

    5 star rating Always great service! The gal who answers the phone is always friendly and has always been able to get someone out to refill my tank in a day or two!! - 7/01/2020 

  • Guy B. AvatarGuy B.

    1 star rating Purchased a home that had a propane tank in it and continued to use McMinnville gas. Good service, good price. No complaints. When we had natural gas brought into our home, I told them I was not going to need service anymore, and why I wouldn't. I had about 35 gallons of propane left in my underground tank. I asked if they would be able to pump it out, And was told that if I called back in the summer or early fall before they got busy, they'd be happy to come out and pull it out. They wouldn't give me any money for it of course, but would empty the tank. I have called to do that, and they disavow any knowledge of that conversation. Ryan Fuller, the manager, apparently is not a man that keeps his word. I would be careful before contracting with these folks. - 9/17/2021 

  • Doug F. AvatarDoug F.

    5 star rating We have been customers of Mac Gas since 1970 and have never been disappointed with their service. Their ability to service and repair our stove, furnace, and freestanding fireplace has been first class.

    Although the recent snow and ice storms put a major monkey wrench in their ability to make deliveries to many customers, they worked diligently to fill customers tanks as quickly as possible with 12 hour days being routine and emergency calls late at night.

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Good price is not the only thing to consider! Dependability is just as important! We are very pleased with Mac Gas and recommend them highly! - 1/31/2017 

  • April B. AvatarApril B.

    1 star rating I am always one to support the "small business" of our community, but I feel it's important to let folks know our experience with McMinnville Gas, Inc. It was not good from the start. They staff are curt at best on the phone. The invoice process is slow and the statement looks like they use a template invoice from 1990's software. But most importantly, they're not competitively priced! Rental fee is approx $60 a year (depending on which tank you rent). They do NOT set your expectations well as to additional costs, (pick up fee is also $60'of you change providers). And if you're not on "will call" they come based on their idea of your usage, and you get a huge surprise bill that they leave on your fence, or the shed door, or your front door. Always a fun hunt all around to figure out where the big bill, I don't want to pay, has been placed. Then the invoice follows about a week later. You have to call to make a payment or mail them a check. Who does that anymore?! Just can't recommend. Period. - 7/14/2020 

  • Tony R. AvatarTony R.

    5 star rating Problem: my camp stove could not maintain a strong flame despite a full tank of propane, and a lot of tinkering on my part to find the cause.
    Solution: I stopped in at McMinnville Gas to ask for help. They patiently heard me describe the problem, and invited me to bring in the tank and hose, which I did. Following a few tests, they explained that I had a defective adapter, which they replaced and made a necessasry modification to my hose.
    Problem solved. I particularly appreciated their solid, professional knowledge, along with their neighborly, no-nonsense, welcoming attitude. - 9/01/2015 

  • Dan Miller AvatarDan Miller

    Have been a customer for over 20 years and have received great service. Not only have they kept my tank full, they have also fixed some of my propane appliances. I also like to support a locally owned company. - 7/24/2019 

  • Mike Booth AvatarMike Booth

    Have been a customer for many years.. They have always been quick and responsive. I can't imagine a better choice for propane. - 7/24/2018 

  • Gary Burgess AvatarGary Burgess

    Very nice people. - 7/24/2018 

  • Mac Native 66 AvatarMac Native 66

    Just went in today (3-14-20) to get my tank recertified. I'll have to get my second tank done too. Good for 5 yrs. - 3/24/2020 

  • Greg DeView AvatarGreg DeView

    Water heat leaking. John sent tech to check it out. He did a great temporary fix so we were able to have hot water while waiting for new water heater for them to install. Very tricky to install (not your normal water heater) but they did a fantastic job. Over the years I have dealt with probably everyone in the company and have always been treated great. I highly recommend John and crew. - 12/24/2019 

  • Chris Burden AvatarChris Burden

    My furnace went out on me and I couldn't get anybody to fix it and my family was freezing. Mac Gas came out and got it going. Great service! - 10/24/2019 

  • Jessica Miller AvatarJessica Miller

    Great prices and friendly service! Even helped me out loaning me a tie-down when I realized mine was in another car.👍🏻 - 7/24/2017 

  • Kjell McLean AvatarKjell McLean

    I've been filling my two 10 gallon rv tanks and a bigger 25 gallon tank with them for almost a year now and they have always been extremely friendly and "Johnny-on-the-spot" helpful! Of course, I'm a friendly person and they probably reciprocate what's in front of them... 😉 - 6/24/2020 

  • Jennifer Rathbone AvatarJennifer Rathbone

    We had a great experience with McMinnville Gas Co over the course of five years. With a newborn in the house during winter, we ran out of gas and they came right out no questions (or dollars) asked. We would recommend them, and are recommending them to the buyers of this home. - 7/17/2020 

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