Reichman Jorgensen Lehman & Feldberg LLP (RJLF) has initiated legal action on behalf of a group of businesses and workers against the New York State prohibition on gas appliances and infrastructure in most new buildings starting December 31, 2025. The lawsuit, representing numerous organizations including Mulhern Gas Company, New York Propane Gas Association, National Propane Gas Association, New York State Builders Association, and several others, collectively representing thousands of New York workers, aims to invalidate and prevent the enforcement of the gas ban. This legislation, which follows gas bans in over 50 U.S. cities, makes New York the first state to implement such a measure in most new constructions. The plaintiffs argue that millions depend on gas for essentials like heating and cooking, especially during winter. They contend that mandating “all-electric” buildings could jeopardize the reliability and affordability of energy, citing the strain on the existing electric grid. The lawsuit points to a recent U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit decision that found a similar ban in Berkley, California, unconstitutional.

In a more personal note, the message informs customers that winter fills have commenced and to expect the company’s blue truck for deliveries. It also reminds will-call customers to schedule fills before harsher winter conditions arrive, ending with a thank you and a warm wish from John Buller and Sons.