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Unprecedented Opportunity For Propane

Unprecedented Opportunity For Propane

A new $1.2 trillion law to improve America’s infrastructure creates an unprecedented opportunity for propane and other low-emission fuels to power on-road and off-road fleets that have historically operated on diesel and gasoline.The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act includes over $9 billion in funding for refueling infrastructure and clean vehicles, including propane, which is identified in the Act as an emerging alternative fuel. Today, about 70,000 on-road vehicles, including 22,000 school buses, run on propane. Propane autogas reduces more emissions per dollar than any otherfuel and is a cost-effective solution compared with electric vehicles.

“The inclusion of propane is a major win for communities across the country, as fleet owners will have multiple alternative fuel options for reducing emissions and transforming their fleets for the better,” said Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council. With propane, fleets can accelerate decarbonization quickly and affordably.Propane’s simple, affordable, ready-now equipment ensures energy equity by cutting carbon emissions without the trillions of dollars that will be required to modernize an aging electrical grid and retrofit millions of homes and businesses. The burden for those upgrades would inevitably fall on those who can least afford it. Propane produces 43 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions versus electricity.

I hope all of you are staying warm it has been pretty cold at night the last few weeks. The combination of the holidays, snowy weather, covid and lack of commercial drivers have put us behind, but our drivers have been working long hours and six to seven days a week trying to catch up.  We appreciate your understanding and we will do everything possible to keep your tanks full during this unprecedented time.



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