School Buses, Propane Vs Diesel, Which is Better For The Environment?

School Buses, Propane Vs Diesel, Which is Better For The Environment?

After more than a year of testing, researchers at West Virginia University determined that emissions from propane-fueled school buses are significantly lower than those from diesel buses. Nearly a million students in more than 900 school districts across the country ride to school in propane buses each day. West Virginia University researchers measured nitrogen oxides (NOx), highly damaging emissions that are federally regulated due to their negative impact on human health and the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to NOx exhaust can trigger health problems like asthma, bron­chitis, and other respiratory issues. The primary source of NOx is motor vehicles—including school buses.

“This study is monumental from an emis­sions and health perspective for students, schools, and communities across the country,” said Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). “Children arriving to school in propane buses aren’t exposed to harmful NOx emis­sions; they feel better and are more prepared to learn.” The comprehensive study was commissioned by PERC. Further, subsequent testing performed late last year with newer-model-year and lower-mileage propane and diesel buses validated the previous testing results. “In real-world applications, particularly those with significant low-speed or low-load operation, propane vehicles can provide dramatically lower NOx emissions compared to similar diesel vehicles,” said Ross Rys­kamp, associate director for testing and development at CAFEE. “These findings are significant due to the fact that NOx and ozone are major nonattainment concerns for many areas across the nation.” Ryskamp added that findings showing high NOx emissions from medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles are supported by other.  Oregon has the second most amount of propane school buses on the road with large school districts such as Portland, Tigard, McMinnville almost exclusively on propane.

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