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Customer Reviews

What Makes Mcminnville Gas The Best Propane Supplier In The Pacific Northwest?

Unlike larger corporate propane suppliers, McMinnville Gas is family owned and operated providing excellent customer services to their residential and commercial propane users in Oregon, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest. Below are REAL reviews from Google, Yelp, And FaceBook  from our clients.

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How To Receive Your Starbucks

Step 1: We strive to get 4 to 5 star reviews! In the case where you feel we did not meet those expectations, please contact us so we can fix any issues before leaving feedback. Now if you are ready to give us a review, please click on the links below to leave a review.

Mcminnville Gas Google Places Review – Click Here To Leave Google Review

Mcminnville Gas Yelp Reviews – Click Here To Leave Yelp Review

Step 2: Now that you are done leaving a review, please send us an email to ryan@mcminnvillegas.com. In the subject line, please put “Google/Yelp Review“ then in the body please state your name, email address, and which platform you left your review on.

Step 3: Please allow 24/48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to confirm your review. When your review has been authenticated and confirmed we will reply to your original email with your virtual StarBucks gift card.

NOTE: Any feedback 1 to 3 star given without prior communication will be ineligible for the starbucks gift card.

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