California Propane Regulations

California Propane Regulations

With nearly 50 city governments across California threatening to adopt regulations that would curtail or prohibit the use of propane and natural gas, the Western Propane Gas Association is fighting back with a new public outreach effort, reports the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA).  A new website,, educates consumers on the importance of energy choices and propane’s benefits. The website also encourages consumers to sign a petition demanding elected officials and policymakers protect energy choice in future regulation.

The most recent challenge came in November when the Santa Rosa City Council voted to move ahead with a proposal to require the use of electric appliances in most residential construction. The panel voted unanimously to require the exclusive use of electric appliances in most new residential buildings below four stories beginning next year. The measure, which will require the backing of the California Energy Commission, will join similar moves by the cities of Windsor, Berkeley, and other local governments across California that have implemented propane and natural gas bans in the name of fighting climate change.

Cold weather is in the forecast for the first couple weeks of December.  Every customer that uses propane for heat has been filled, and the drivers are now coming by to do our second fill of the season.  If you have not got a fill please let the office know your percentage. Thanks for your business and hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.  

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